On November 27, 2018 the IAPCHE Board of Directors adopted a new name of our global network. Effective in January 2019, the International Association for the Promotion of Christian Higher Education (IAPCHE) will become the International Network for Christian Higher Education (INCHE, pronounced “inch”).

The mission of the network — serving Jesus Christ as Lord by fostering the development of Christian higher education worldwide— continues as the shared purpose. But advancing the network’s mission in a digital and globalized age requires current language to reflect the network’s ongoing purpose.

The name change from IAPCHE to INCHE officially will occur on January 1, 2019, with the launch of the new website, INCHE.ONE, to follow shortly thereafter. Leadership, contact information, and the organization’s purpose all will remain the same. Member access to the IAPCHE website automatically will be redirected to INCHE. Emails to the network office also will be redirected so that there is no loss in communications during this change. In the transition to INCHE, gifts and membership payments made to IAPCHE can continue to be received as either IAPCHE or INCHE.

Substantial research and thought by the Board of Directors and the Executive Director, Dr. Shirley J. Roels, preceded this change. All agree that the name of International Network for Christian Higher Education (INCHE) represents more fully the globalized effort as a network as well as one that stands firmly for Christian higher education worldwide. The acronym INCHE will reflect, with simplicity, clarity, and standard pronunciation, the network’s position as a partner for Christian higher education that is based in Christ’s reign over every inch of creation.

This network began in 1975. Since then, it has operated under four different names. The fourth network name, IAPCHE, was adopted in the early 1990s. The Board of Directors and the Executive Director expect that International Network for Christian Higher Education (INCHE), as the fifth name, will continue for many years.

For more information about this change, during December please email office@iapche.org or director@iapche.org. In January 2019 such emails will be redirected automatically to office@inche.one and director@inche.one.

The INCHE network includes more than 150 institutional, affiliate, and individual members worldwide who are leaders in Christian higher education. The network office is hosted by Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. In partnership with other organizations, INCHE provides global Christian higher education news, conferences, seminars, and resources that deepen institutional and scholarly foundations for faith-based teaching and learning.