Welcome the INCHE network!

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New members of INCHE are welcomed at any time during a calendar year. Please follow the online step-by-step process that is provided.  Questions about membership can be sent to office@inche.one.  January 2019 is the standard month for individual members to renew their annual membership.

Based on decisions by the board of directors, in January 2019 individual dues structures are being adjusted. The previous individual membership fee had not changed while the global inflation index increased by at least 20%. Also, the prior flat fee did not recognize differences in financial resource capacity across a global network.

The new structure is based on self-reported personal income. (It should not include a spouse’s income.) At the time of membership renewal, please do the following:

  • Calculate your total personal income for the 2018 calendar year.

  • Translate this total from your local currency into its equivalent value in U.S. dollar income.

  • On the basis of the USD equivalency, report your income category.

  • Provide individual dues payment for the 2019 calendar year related to that income category.

The categories of income with related INCHE 2019 individual membership dues are below.


Some current members should contact INCHE at office@inche.one for personal consultations and adjustments in membership dues. These are members who:

  • Joined the network in October through December 2018. You must contact INCHE directly to carry your membership forward through the 2019 calendar year.

  • Previously arranged recurring annual membership payment. This is not possible in the new system.

  • Prepaid 2019 membership dues in December 2018.

  • Provided advanced payment for multiple years of network membership. Adjustments will be made.

If you are unable to pay the required membership fee due to location or lack of a credit card, please contact office@inche.one so that we can arrange a solution for you.

If you are an institution that is seeking membership, please view the institution membership process located HERE.