INCHE partnership with the Society of Christian Scholars

 The Society of Christian Scholars (SCS) is a formal partner of INCHE in support for Christians in higher education who work in many settings including both pubic and independent colleges and universities around the world. INCHE members who also join SCS can receive a 20% discount of annual membership fees in both each of the two networks.

 The Society of Christian Scholars is a global community of, by, and for missional Christian scholars:

  • committed to and engaged in God’s mission of seeing all things

  • followers of Jesus Christ and growing in Christian maturity

  • called to the learned life and fulfilling this calling within higher education similar professional contexts

The Society of Christian Scholars equips you to:

  • grow in Christlikeness through spiritual formation in the academic setting

  • exhibit excellence in research, pedagogy, and administration

  • think Christianly about all research issues and agendas

  • adapt successfully to the uniqueness of one’s ethnic and institutional culture

  • communicate the gospel effectively and help others grow in their faith

  • collaborate with other Christian scholars locally and globally

 Further information about SCS is here To receive the membership discount code contact