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Christian Higher Education:
An International Journal of Research, Theory, and Practice

Christian Higher Education is a peer-reviewed archival journal that features articles on developments being created and tested by those engaged in the study and practice of Christian higher education.

This journal addresses issues in finance, enrollment management, innovative teaching methods, higher education administration, program assessment, faculty development, curriculum development, and student services. Each issue offers a balance of essays on current research as well as programs and methods at the cutting edge of progress.

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African Journal for Transformational Scholarship

African Journal for Transformational Scholarship

The African Journal for Transformational Scholarship (AJTS) is an international, peer-reviewed, open-access journal published in Africa, promoting transformation through the gospel. Thus, the AJTS focuses on developing biblically-grounded transformational knowledge, reflection and practice, which crosses languages, cultures, social status and disciplines.

The aim is to encourage high quality academic scholarship focused on topics relevant to the African situation, realizing, however, that the globalization of human life means these are commonly also global issues. While it especially wants to encourage African academic endeavour, it welcomes contributions from anywhere in the world. The journal also wishes to encourage novices to publish their work and will assist, if necessary, in ensuring an acceptable academic standard for contributions that show promise.

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International Journal of Christianity and Education.

A journal concerned with current educational thinking from a Christian perspective, published in conjunction with the Calvin College Press. IJCE aims to be the first point of reference for academic discussions of the relationship between Christianity and educational theory and practice in formal and informal settings.To subscribe to the print edition, visit the Calvin College campus store

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Christian Scholars Review

Established in 1970, Christian Scholar’s Review is a medium for communication among Christians who have been called to an academic vocation. Its primary objective is the publication of peer-reviewed scholarship and research, within and across the disciplines, that advances the integration of faith and learning and contributes to a broader and more unified understanding of the nature of creation, culture, and vocation and the responsibilities of those whom God has created. It also provides a forum for discussion of pedagogical and theoretical issues related to Christian higher education. It invites contributions from Christian scholars of all historic traditions, and from others sympathetic to the task of religiously-informed scholarship, that advance the work of Christian academic communities and enhance mutual understanding with other religious and academic communities. 

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