Prof. Dr. Govert Buijs (NL)

Govert Buijs is extraordinary Professor of ‘Political Philosophy and Religion’ and Associate Professor of Political & Social Philosophy at VU University, Amsterdam. He also teaches philosophy of economics at the Faculty of Economics & Business Administration.

Prof. Palfi

Prof. Dr. Joseph Palfi (RO)

Joseph Pálfi as a theologian of the Romanian Hungarian Reformed Church is an acting congregation minister and professor at Partium Christian University. Besides being the rector/president of the university, he teaches history of religion. His research concentrates on congregational education and the history of the Hungarian Reformed minority in the 20th century mostly in the Királyhágómellék Church.


Prof. Dr. Beversluis (USA)

Dr. Claudia Beversluis is a professor of psychology at Calvin College, where she was the provost of Calvin College from 2006 - 2014. Dr. Beversluis began her tenure at Calvin in 1990, first as a faculty member in the Psychology Department and later as dean for instruction. Dr. Beversluis received her Ph.D. in clinical psychology in 1983 from Loyola University Chicago following research and internships in neuropsychology at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. Her teaching and research have been in brain and behavior, identity development, gender and sexuality, adolescents and worship, pastoral care, and community engagement. She is a co-editor of the book Community and Connection: Service Learning and Christian Higher Education. Her current work is in psychology and religion within the broader area of faith and science scholarship, psychology and justice, and prison pedagogy.